Company sued for making employee bored


Parisian Frédéric Desnard has lodged a claim for €360,000 (£283,000) in compensation from his employer, Interparfum, after he claims he was subjected to “bore out” – think a boring version of “burn out”. He claims that he was essentially denied his managerial duties and not given any interesting work over a period of four years.

Mr Desnard describes the experience of being bored at work, as “an insidious descent into hell, a nightmare” which led to a myriad of health problems including “epilepsy, ulcers, sleep problems and serious depression“. His lawyer argues that his company aimed to bore him so much that they would eventually be able to sack him without redundancy payment or other compensation. But a lawyer for Interparfum contested that there were serious inconsistencies in his claims and that he had actually previously claimed to be suffering from “burn out”.

Although there is no employment law in France banning boredom at work, France’s higher court has recognised over 200 cases of employees being “intentionally sidelined” which it stated was basically a form of “moral harassment”.

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