A Plain English Guide To British Employment Law

Employment Law

SueMyBoss is a free employment law information website, which outlines the legal rights of employees in a clear and concise way.

Do any of the following employment law issues apply to you?

If so, you have come to the right place. SueMyBoss provides you with employment law information on your legal rights as an employee or former employee. It will arm you with the knowledge you require and enable you to demand what you’re entitled to – either through dialogue with your employers, or ultimately through the courts.

We can answer your employment law questions, such as:

  • What can I do if my boss or a colleague is bullying me at work?
  • What are my legal rights if I decide to blow the whistle when I witness problems in the workplace?
  • Can I do anything about stress at work or do I have to suffer in silence?
  • Can I take my boss to court if I’m not being paid the minimum wage?
  • My boss has made a joke about my sexuality – do I have legal protection against this type of abuse?

If you’re looking for a formal grievance letter, we can provide you with a professionally prepared grievance letter template which you can fill in and send to your employer.